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Platinum Controls (Pty) Ltd is a wholly owned (100%) citizen company formed in response to the economic need and to use the qualification and experience to address engineering problems by offering unique solutions that provides a wide range of specialist and quality services to the Electrical, Mechanical, Civil and Mining Engineering industry. Platinum Controls incorporated in the Republic of Botswana in 2010. 

The diversified experience of Platinum Controls Pty Ltd in the engineering sector gives the current clients’ confidence in the company.

Offering a comprehensive range of construction services enables us to tailor a delivery system which matches our clients’ needs, goals and budget. Platinum Controls Pty Ltd commitment to these services adds value to your project and helps ensure its success. 

The business operates in a number of complimentary sectors namely

Platinum Controls Pty Ltd was conceptualised in 2008 and has since ventured into Electrical & Mechanical Engineering. We provide our clients with complete consulting, design, procurement, installations and maintenance services.


To provide best innovative quality services and solutions to the engineering industry.


Platinum Controls Pty Ltd endeavours to become a service provider of choice to clients.



To exercise our commitment, reliability and integrity to meet our customers’ requirements.


To provide innovative business solutions to engineering problems, by employing highly skilled staff, application of cutting edge technologies and best practice


We are a multi cultural company. We endeavour to develop our staff and create an enabling environment for them to offer unequalled engineering solutions. 


In undertaking of our assignments, we demonstrate a high level of awareness of actual and potential environmental impacts, and exercise our expertise to keep impacts within required limits.


Our strategy is to strengthen our position as a leading engineering company by providing electrical, mechanical, civil and mining services to the ever-changing engineering environment.

Our strategy is supported by our responsible approach to sustainable business, governance, risk management, people and culture. It exists to create value for society, client and shareholders through a clear focus on operational excellence and organic growth.


Having delivered projects across different industries with varying cultures and conditions, Platinum Controls (Pty) Ltd is deeply aware of social, environmental and economic disparities across the globe. The organization aspires to create sustainable development that creates value not only for clients but also for the communities in which it operates. As a responsible corporate citizen, Platinum Controls (Pty) Ltd measures success not only by the bottom line but by its contributions to safety, conservation of environment and economic improvement and diversification.


At Platinum Controls, our business success is dependent on trusting relationships. Our reputation is founded on the personal integrity of our Platinum Controls professionals. At all times our professionals uphold our high ethical standards so that they can actively add value to their practice groups and customers. We demand that our professionals adhere to all applicable laws and regulations and apply our ethical values in the choices they make. We are dedicated to maintaining the fundamental principles of fairness, honesty, confidentiality and respect, which are at the heart of the Platinum Controls philosophy, values and corporate standards.

These basic values are honesty, confidentiality and respect:

  • We will be truthful and forthright in all situations and at all times.
  • We will offer services of value that will benefit our customers as we claim in our communications.


  • We conduct all of our employment placements and HR engagements with great emphasis on confidentiality and discretion;
  • We respect and guard the privacy of our clients and business partners;
  • Our business practices and policies ensure compliance with industry standards, guidelines and legislation.


  • We will value individual differences as we embrace diversity
  • We will listen to the requirements of our customers and make reasonable efforts to monitor and improve their satisfaction on an ongoing basis
  • We will appropriately acknowledge the contributions of others, such as consultants, employees and coworkers.


organisational structure

We provide innovative business solutions to engineering problems, by employing highly skilled staff, application of cutting edge technologies and best practice.


Address: Plot 43173,
Unit 12 Carramba Park, Phakalane


Tel: +267 391 6466
Fax: +267 391 6458

Email: info@platinumcontrols.co.bw


Address: Plot 5037
Somerset East Industrial

Tel: +267 241 0458
Fax: +267 240 1459

Email: info@platinumcontrols.co.bw


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